First winter snow fall in the Western Cape

It all started with a phone call and the next thing we were checking weather forecasts online. We knew there was a cold front hitting Cape Town, but what exactly was the weather doing in the mountains at 2000ft or event 3000ft. After reading the snow report, we knew we had a good chance of finding snow with temperatures dropping as low as -10 degrees in the evenings and an average temperature of 2 degrees during the day.

It was on, we decided the Matroosberg Mountains would be the best place to find snow lower down the mountains, so we woke up at 5am on the 6th June, the car was packed with camera gear, food, coffee and pretty much everything we needed for an epic day out. We hit the road around 6am to make it to the Matroosberg Nature Reserve early. To our surprise we were the only car checking in for the day which meant we had the mountain all to ourselves.

It was suggested by the reserve officials that we let our tyres down to at least 1.5 bar if we were going do the 4x4 trail, and let’s be honest we didn’t drive all that way not to do the 4x4 trail, we were there for a real adventure. A few kilometres into the reserve the roads were less of a road and more of boulder hopping, rock sliding vertical climbs up the mountain. We pushed on and were eventually surrounded by snowy mountains with nobody else in sight. The cars thermometer blinked at 2 degrees continuously and our excitement increased with every metre gained. After about 2 hours of crawling up the mountain in 4WD low range we were welcomed by incredible 360 degree panorama views of snow covered mountains to explore all day.

We crept as close to the edge of the 1000m drop as we could and setup our spot for the day. With endless opportunities in which direction to explore, we wondered around on foot paths taking in the epicness of our surroundings. Eventually we couldn’t feel our fingers or face and it was time to brew some coffee, because we all know coffee tastes better in the mountains.

We made it back to Cape Town by 6pm to call it a solid 12 hour adventure day that has definitely set the tone for this winters missions.

Gear used: Sony a7iii body, Sony Zeiss 24-70mm F4, Sony 70-200mm F2.8 OSS G

DJI Mavic Air with ND8 filter